May 27, 2024

About Us is an online sports betting tips website based in Kenya,East Africa.

It is owned and operated by TIPS CENTRAL AFRICA.

We offer a variety of sports betting tipping and predictions services across different sports not limited to Football/Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket.

Our services include free and paid tips which are provided by our large punters community and experts on our platform.

We do not offer bookmaker tips i.e. we dont take on bets on behalf of punters.

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DISCLAIMER: All tips on our platform are for informational purposes and does not guarantee wins on placed bets. As much as we strive to offer the best tips to assure that punters get the best returns on their bets, many parameters beyond our control contribute the outcome of bets. We advise our punter community to bet responsibly and stake wisely before placing bets(READ ON HOW TO GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY HERE)